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Character Bios

Name: Mariana Ruiz
Sex: Female
Age: 15
State: Pennsylvania
School: Spring Mills High School
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Relationship Status: Summer Fling
Interests: Ballet, Shopping, Hanging out with my Best Friends Madison and Emily, Reading
Dislikes: I’m not into forced summer vacations by my over-demanding father who’s actually punishing my brother who’s completely irresponsible…whatever. You get the idea.
Music: Joss Stone, Dido, Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani, U2, John Mayer
Movies: Save the Last Dance, Sixteen Candles, Center Stage, Dirty Dancing, It’s a Wonderful Life
TV: Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance
Books: Jane Austin, Margaret Mitchell, Bronte Sisters
Heroes: Princess Di, Ana Pavlova, Mikhail Baryshnikov, NYC Ballet, Bob Fosse, Albert Einstein, Uncle Miguel
Sports: Is ballet a sport?

Name: Lilly Sanchez
Sex: Female
Age: 15
State: Puerto Rico
School: American Academy of Puerto Rico
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Relationship Status: Always Single
Interests: Dancing, Shopping, Partying, Lounging on the beach
Dislikes: Stripping beds at the hotel and being forced to babysit distant cousins I’ve never met and who think my hometown sucks.
Music: Nelly Fortado, Marc Anthony, Shakira, Juanes, Ricky Martin, Calle 13, Frankie Ruiz, Fergie
Movies: Todo Sobre mi Madre, Charlie’s Angels, El Cantante, Cruel Intentions, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Abre Los Ojos, Pretty Women
TV: Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, The Real World, One Tree Hill
Books: Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez, Meg Cabot, Gabrielle Garcia Marquez, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Heroes: My mom (sometimes), Jennifer Lopez, Princess Di, Venus and Serena Williams
Sports: I’ll try anything once. Tennis, anyone?

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