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An Interview with the Author
Conducted by Mariana Ruíz,
Protagonist of Amor and Summer Secrets

(SPOILER ALERT: if you haven't read the book yet,
don't read the interview unless you want the ending ruined!!)

Diana: Wow, you found parking in Philly…

Mariana: Actually, my dad dropped me off. I don’t have my license yet. You know that.

Diana: Oh, that’s right. Have to wait ‘til you’re 17…

Mariana: Yeah, thanks for that.

Diana: Well, you can thank my dad for that one.

Mariana: So you had the same rules growing up. Does that mean my dad is your dad?

Diana: No. Absolutely not.

Mariana: Because a lot people think I’m you. Am I?

Diana: No. But I can see why people might get confused.

Mariana: Because we have the same ethnic background…

Diana: Well, there aren’t a lot of Polish Puerto Ricans out there. I had to represent…

Mariana: Understandable. But isn’t my dad also from the same town in Puerto Rico that your dad grew up in?

Diana: Utuado, yes. But that’s pretty much where our similarities end. You got to grow up in the Main Line…

Mariana: You didn’t?

Diana: Nope. Grew up in Ridley.

Mariana: Oh, yeah. I think we play you in sports…

Diana: Well, not really. Because Spring Mills doesn’t exist.

Mariana: Oh, that’s right. Plus I don’t play sports.

Diana: No, you’re a ballerina.

Mariana: Like you were?

Diana: Actually, I’ve never taken a dance class in my life. Though I do think I can busta move at weddings.

Mariana: Oh my God, did you just say that?

Diana: Sorry.

Mariana: Anyway… if you didn’t dance, what did you do growing up?

Diana: Well, I was a Green Raider Cheerleader.

Mariana: Seriously?

Diana: Oh, yeah. I competed on two different cheerleading squads.

Mariana: That’s kinda embarrassing.

Diana: Hey! So’s a tutu.

Mariana: Good point.

Diana: I was also an editor for the school newspaper and I warmed the bench for every sport out there: volleyball, lacrosse, field hockey, tennis. I wasn’t much of an athlete.

Mariana: We have that common.

Diana: Yes.

Mariana: I also excel in math and science. Did you?

Diana: God, no. That’s why I wrote a book. But I was in the National Honor’s Society.

Mariana: Impressive. And since we’ve established that you and I are not the same person, then where do you get your ideas? Did any of this stuff happen to you in real life?

Diana: Well, I have been to Puerto Rico a couple of times. And I did spend time with my second, third and fourth cousins while I was there. But I never spent the summer.

Mariana: Lucky you.

Diana: Hey! You liked Utuado by the end.

Mariana: No, you’re right I did. And I got to meet Lilly…

Diana: And Alex…

Mariana: Speaking of which, was there an Alex in your life?

Diana: No, I must admit I’ve never dated a hot Puerto Rican stranger I met on vacation. I married a nice Jewish boy.

Mariana: How is Jordan by the way?

Diana: Good. He says ‘hello.’ He’s a big fan of yours…

Mariana: Well, it was nice of you guys to let me conduct this interview in your home. Even if it is kinda small…

Diana: Hey! It’s Philadelphia. It’s historic.

Mariana: Is that code for ‘tiny?’

Diana: Be careful or I’ll send you send you somewhere really unpleasant in the next book.

Mariana: Good point. Moving on. So do you speak Spanish?

Diana: Well, about as good as you do. Like your father, my dad only spoke Spanish to my grandparents. So I learned the language in school like everyone else. But I did study abroad in Madrid.

Mariana: And all your classes were in Spanish?

Diana: Yup, and I lived with a Spanish-speaking family.

Mariana: Like I did. Did you ever work at a hotel like Uncle Miguel’s?

Diana: No, but I reported on hotels after college. I know a lot about the industry. And I did have a lot of jobs in high school. I worked as a cashier at a produce store, a grocery store, a specialty shop selling Guatemalan artifacts, and one summer I dried cars at dealerships for a power washing company…

Mariana: Wow, you were busy.

Diana: I’m not done. At BU I worked as a telemarketer calling alumni for donations, then I worked for Victoria’s Secret, then I edited technological newsletters, then I temped as an admin assistant , and I had about a half-dozen unpaid journalism internships…

Mariana: You’re not gonna make me do all that, are you?

Diana: Well, you’re growing up with a bit more money.

Mariana: What? You mean you didn’t have a BMW like Vince?

Diana: I don’t even have one now.

Mariana: But there are some connections between you and Vince, aren’t there?

Diana: Well, my husband went to Cornell. And he was in a fraternity.

Mariana: Wait, Vince isn’t in a fraternity.

Diana: Oh, he will be…

Mariana: Oh, goodie! The next book. Will I get to visit him?

Diana: Let’s just say there might be a frat party in your future.

Mariana: Road trip! I love it!

Diana: Well, I don’t know if you’ll still feel that way by the end of it…

Mariana: Oh, no! What happens?

Diana: I can’t tell you. But I don’t think you and your friends will be the same after.

Mariana: Madison and Emily will be there! Awesome! They say ‘hi’ by the way.

Diana: Yeah, sorry you missed Madison’s party.

Mariana: Did you have to have Orlando Bloom show up?

Diana: Hey, I said I was sorry.

Mariana: Well, I can’t wait to find out what happens next. Because it sounds like my dad’s making plans for Lilly…

Diana: Oh, there are lots of plans for Lilly.

Mariana: Well, now you have to tell me.

Diana: Sorry, you’ll have to wait until November 2008 just like everyone else.

Mariana: Not fair. It is my life we’re talking about.

Diana: Mine too.

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