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Diana will be featured in the anthology, Latina Authors and Their Muses, edited by Mayra Calvani. The anthology, which will feature other respected Latina authors including Alisa Valdes and Margo Candela, hopes to inspire future generations of Latina writers. It is slated to debut later this year through Twilight Times Books. Stay tuned for more details!

It's official! Diana just inked a new deal with Buzz Books USA to write a short story collection re-imaging the Narcissus myth. Imagine a paranormal secret agent infiltrating high schools to rid the world of shallow people. Click Here for more information!

Diana is one of 70 authors whose personal stories are featured in the new book Dear Bully. Click here to learn more about this new highly regarded anthology

Diana’s essay, “Strangers on the Street,” was chosen as the only essay from the acclaimed DEAR BULLY anthology to be included as part of Scholastic’s READ 180 reading intervention program. Her essay will be featured in a Student Work book that will be used in classrooms nationwide to prompt discussions on bullying

Hopping On The Tumblr Train

RIP Blogger. This is my last post here. After years of blogging on the Blogger platform, I've decided to make the switch to Tumblr. If you're unfamiliar with the social-networking site, it's a micro-blogging platform that allows you to delve deeper than Twitter...

An argument was about to erupt between Vince and my father. I could already sense it. I hated being around when they fought - like just my presence made things worse...

"Are you sure you wanna do this?" I asked as I piled clothes into my jumbo-sized suitcase. It was officially my last night in Utuado, the tiny mountain village in Puerto Rico...

"He was arriving in less than a week. When I had left Alex standing on the side of the road in Utuado...

Diana is (finally) on Facebook!!

Amor and Summer Secrets wins 2nd place in the 11th Annual International Latino Book Awards for Best Young Adult Fiction

Amor and Summer Secrets has been chosen as Latinidad's Best Young Adult Book

All 3 Books Available for Order Now!

Amor and Summer Secrets
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Amigas and School Scandals
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Adios to All The Drama
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